Bhutani Grandthum Commercial Greater Noida

The Bhutani group, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company has started with a brand new venture, The Bhutani Grandthum. It is a one of its kind colony that in progress right now and will be one of the best places to stay in the nearby future. People work hard their entire lives to make their dream home become a reality, saving up money and working countless shifts, keeping in mind those feelings the Bhutani group has started this venture. Just the fact that the Bhutani group has reached that kind of recognition proves that the strives the group has made in the real estate sector, it is no big feat. Have you ever thought of living in a big home that has everything you wish for and where your family can live in peace? That ideal home where you come back from a long day of work and can finally relax, away from all the chaos of the city. The residential project is that home you are looking for and your dreams will come true. This colony has everything a modern day citizen wishes for and gives you that personal space that you can truly call your own and where you can live happily without any worries.

The Bhutani Grandthum will offer you residential and commercial spaces of 560.00 sq.ft. to 1712.00 sq.ft. where you can accommodate your family according to your needs and even establish a start-up or use it as any way you see fit and make your dreams come true. These buildings will be made by expert builders that are appointed by the Bhutani group who are known for their amazing work and these homes will provide you with proper sunlight, ventilation and various features that these luxurious units boast about. Gaur City 14th Avenue Resale / Gaur Yamuna City Villas / Gaur City Center Resale / Gaur city 12th avenue Resale

You always dream about a beautiful house and what goes along with it is greenery, which includes gardens, trees which gives you a moment of peace when you spend time there. The Bhutani Grandthum Sector 1 Noida Extension Road project will include with every unit a jogging track, yoga deck and a gymnasium to help you stay fit, a library that has a huge catalogue of books to cater to every taste, a kids play area and games room where children of all ages can have fun and learn at the same time and a swimming pool where you can take a swim every now and then. Even your security will be taken care of with 24/7 CCTV coverage as your safety is of utmost importance. No room for error is allowed if you want to make your dream home come true. Make it possible today.

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