Home Apartments in Greater Noida and Noida

Greater Noida and Noida has several eco friendly home apartments with prime locations. Incorporation of indoor plants like lilies, bamboo palms, etc. freshens and cleans up the surrounding air by filtering chemicals, toxins and harmful particles from it. Apart from improving the air quality, they also increase indoor aesthetics of the place by bringing in a touch of natural beauty from outside. According to the best residential architects in India, houseplants provide the simplest way for boosting green credentials of the house. Light is undoubtedly the most important element of any housing design that offers double benefits in terms of both energy as well as space efficiency. Thus, homeowners can consult the top residential architects in India for getting their windows effectively designed and maximizing the scope of natural light in their households. An area lit by natural light seems bigger and more spacious as compared to dark spaces with inappropriate or low lighting. ATS Destinaire Price List / ATS Floral Pathways Price List / ATS Knightsbridge Price List / ATS Veritas Price List

Furniture made from polished non-biodegradable materials like plastic and metals goes in contradiction with eco-friendly practices. Thus, homeowners can replace them with furniture made from materials like natural wood or other organic and sustainable materials. A good quality wood furniture is held by strong woodworking joints that minimizes the need of VOC laced adhesives. Furniture made from natural materials like bamboos also provides a greater shelf life. Recent times have stipulated an increase in the development of eco-friendly homes and communities for varied reasons. According to the top housing architects in India, building an eco-friendly home provides owners with numerous benefits such as attaining energy efficiency, cutting down on energy bills, minimizing the maintenance requirements, and acquiring a higher return on investment. These benefits can leverage the scope of various improvements in all housing elements including interiors, and can also go in sync with the idea of sustainable architecture.

Volatile organic compounds are the silent blackguards that gradually impact the health of homeowners. They are sourced from various household products like paints, cleansers, air fresheners, carpets, and furniture. According to the top architects in India, VOC concentrations can be two to five times higher in an enclosed space as compared to outdoors. Thus, homeowners should avoid using products with high VOC concentrations and opt for natural and eco-friendly alternatives instead. Since people are getting conscious about the idea of conservation, they have initiated a wave of eco-friendly housing ideas that aim to provide economic, social as well as environmental benefits. However, these ideas not only work for the preservation of the environment but also improve one’s quality of life.

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